Grant Funding

Sporting Capital can help you access grant funding to support your application for our social investment.

Enterprise Development Programme

The Enterprise Development Programme provides a range of support for charities and social enterprises in England helping them make a transition to new enterprise models, or grow existing ones.

Grants are currently available for organisations who work in Youth and Homelessness services.  

Feasibility Grants
Between £5,000 - 10,000 to enable organisations to investigate and develop an enterprise proposition from the very earliest stage into a proposed delivery plan.

Development Grants
More substantial grants of around £50,000 available for organisations that have an enterprise proposition which requires further development or scaling and where there is a potential requirement for subsequent investment.

Sporting Capital can advise on whether this grant funding is suitable for you. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

What is the Reach Fund?

The Reach Fund is a two year £4m investment readiness grant programme, funded by the Access – The Foundation for Social Investment and managed by Social Investment Business. It will test a new model of investment readiness support to help charities and social enterprises raise investment.

If you need extra support before we can invest into your organisation then we can help you access grant funding from Reach.

What does the Reach Fund offer?

The Reach Fund will offer small grants to charities and social enterprises who are looking to raise investment with one of our approved social investors – called Access Points. The grant will be used to help them close a deal or secure an investment.

What is an Access Point?

Access Points are social investors approved by the Reach Fund to refer charities and social enterprises to the programme. If approved, these charities and social enterprises can apply for grants to help them secure investment. Sporting Capital is an access point.

How do you apply?

You should still apply to us for investment as usual. If we think you need further support then we can refer you the Reach Fund. We will work with you to identify your needs, develop an investment readiness plan, and apply for a grant.

What is investment readiness?

Investment readiness describes whether or not a charity or social enterprise is ‘ready’ for investment. Getting investment ready often involves specialist business development work to prepare for investment.

Sporting Capital is an Access Point

This means we may be able to refer you for grant funding to help you get ready for investment from us.